Puttmann Egypt

For over 30 years, the industrial sewing specialists at Puttmann Egypt have been serving customers across Europe.

The company is specialized in the manufacturing of babies’ and children’s garments. This includes the full range of products including tops, trousers, rompers, jackets, caps and hats but also underwear and swimwear. The company works with knitted as well as with woven fabrics. Individual production lines are specialized on certain product types and fitted with the required technical equipment.

The company is used to produce high quality, up-market garments for the European market, but also deals with large production runs of single items.

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Puttmann (Egypt) S.A.E. was founded in 1992 in the Free Zone of Alexandria as a manufacturing site of the German Puttmann group specialising in babiesĀ“and childrenĀ“s garments.