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Puttmann Egypt

Puttmann (Egypt) S.A.E. was founded in 1992 in the Free Zone of Alexandria as a manufacturing site of the German Puttmann group specializing in babies’ and children’s garments.

Production for a Global Economy

All manufacturing is 100 per cent for export to the European market. Customers include many of the leading European brands and retailers. Physical proximity to the European markets entails lower transport costs, faster shipping of goods and better communication, in particular compared to locations in the Far East or South Asia. Exports from Egypt to the European market will also entail lower import duties and less import restrictions.

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Adapting to a Global Economy

Ever since its foundation the company has continuously upgraded its capabilities and expanded its activities. The company now employs more than 500 people and works as a fully integrated manufacturing facility including design, embroidery, printing, sewing and washing. The production system has been developed and constantly improved by the German mother company. In particular it also allows to process comparatively small production runs in an efficient and swift way.

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